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CastersPro, one of the leading casters manufacturer, factory & supplier in China, has rich experience in casters research and production.
From product design, engineering, production, and after-sales service, we place great care on every stage of our business.
By adopting a seamless workflow and a careful design procedure, CastersPro creates products that are of top-notch quality and stable production capacity. It’s your trusted casters manufacturer, factory & supplier in China.

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Importing Casters from Casters Manufacturer, Factory & Supplier in China: The Definitive Guide

If you are importing casters from casters manufacturer, factory and supplier in China and your concern is finding reliable and trusted casters manufacturer, factory and supplier, If you are beginners of importing pieces of casters and want to know more about Chinese casters market. Then this guide really fits for your needs. This guide will teach you to find and get your best partner in your business.

A caster is an undriven wheel that includes a wheel and a mount. Casters are designed to be affixed to the bottom of an object, such as carts, desks, chairs, and other equipment, to support and make them easy to move.
As the leading casters manufacturer, factory, and supplier in China, CastersPro start to produce casters 20 years ago, we can provide the full range of high-quality casters for your market at an offerable price.

From the market, you can find so many styles of casters, but in general, all styles of casters can be categorized into two types:

Swivel caster:

This style of casters can move in any direction, which makes the equipment on them moves very easy to anywhere, even if the load is very heavy. Swivel casters are very popular to use for desks, tables, beds, and so on.

Rigid caster:

Different from the swivel casters, the rigid casters can not change their direction when moving. Rigid casters are very durable, they only move in a straight line is a partial reason. Compare with the swivel casters, based on the same load, people usually think they can work longer.

Casters Classification By Braking Ability

Braking ability is an important factor of a caster. For different designs of the casters, we can find different braking ways as below:

Brakes that press against the side of the wheel
Brakes that press against the tread of the wheel
Brakes that push against the floor (called floor brakes)

for the Swivel caster, there are two parts of the braking, one is to stop the wheel, and one is to stop it from rotating. People usually call the caster a total lock brake caster if the user is able to lock both the swivel abilities of the castor and the wheel movement.

Casters Classification By Weight of Load

Light-duty casters: about 20Kg – 100Kg.
Used in light equipment such as computers or laundry equipment.

Medium duty casters: about 80Kg – 150Kg.
Used in equipment such as in hospitals or for display racks.

Heavy-duty casters: about 120Kg – 200Kg.
Used in light equipment such as on trucks and transport trailers.

Custom casters even can support up to 200+Kg

The material and the size of the wheel are two very important factors you need to consider when you choose casters. Cause these factors determine how durable the caster is, whether it is noisy in use and whether it moves easily after being mounted to the equipment, and more.
The Chart below shows a comparison of castor wheels of different hardnesses and different diameters in terms of load capacity, noise, etc.

Load Capacity Starting & Rolling Resistance Noise Comfort for Person Pushing the Load
Harder Wheel Materials Higher Easy to start and rolling Noise Less
Softer Wheel Materials Lower More Resistance Quite More
Larger Wheels Higher Easy to start and rolling Quite More
Smaller Wheels Lower More Resistance Noise Less

There are so many materials of caster wheels in the market, and each material also has different properties. In the chart below, we have listed 16 Commonly materials for castor wheels and explained their different characteristics for your reference, which will make it easy for you to choose the correct casters wheel material for your projects.

Wheel Material Characteristics
Cast iron High Loading capacity and abrasion-resistant for a long lifetime and easy rolling on concrete. High-temperature options are available.
Ductile iron Excellent resistance to breakage, cracking, and chipping in the most demanding applications for a long lifetime.
Forged steel Almost not be damaged in normal applications and long lifetime. Usually, for use on floor or steel plates.
Glass-filled nylon Will not shatter, absorb water or disintegrate in corrosive environments. High temperature is available.
Monoprene Rejects debris while providing the same great functionality as a pneumatic wheel without going flat.
Neoprene Highly resistant to oils and chemicals, while providing sufficient cushioning to significantly reduce or eliminate shock, vibration, and noise levels.
Nylon Resistant to solvents, corrosive environments, and extreme temperatures.
Phenolic Floor protection and high resistance to oil, grease, petrol, and weak acids. Recommended for use on smooth concrete. Not recommended for wet applications or use on rough surfaces. High-temperature option is available.
Polyolefin Lightweight, one-piece solid sanitary design for wet and corrosive applications.
Polypropylene Resists absorption and is resistant to most chemicals and solvents.
Polyurethane Easy-to-roll wheels cushion loads, protect floors and provide excellent chemical resistance.
Rubber Wear-resistant wheels provide floor protection and quiet operation. Includes pneumatic, semi-pneumatic, and flat-free options.
Stainless steel Robust and durable design. Ideal for use in wet, corrosive, or hygienic environments.
Steel Provides strength and impact resistance with a long lifetime and economy for use in harsh conditions of use.
Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) Chemical and water resistant. Absorbs impact and protects the floor while providing easy rolling. High temperature is available.
Vulkollan The highest quality polyurethane. Very durable, with excellent wear resistance. Easy to roll.

There are three basic types of caster mount:

Casters Manufacturer Plate Mounted Caster

Mount the casters to the equipment through the designated bolt holes in the top plate using bolts.

Casters Manufacturer Stem Mounted Caster

Using a stem to mount the casters to the equipment

Caster Plate Types and Bolt Hole Spacing

there are four plate styles for the casters, before you choose the caster, you need to know the details of the plate, such as the size the hole space, and so on, here are the details of the four plate styles below:

Caster Plate Types and Bolt Hole Spacing

Caster Plate Types and Bolt Hole Spacing

Caster Stem Styles and Dimensions

Here are the details of the dimensions of the caster stem and the styles.

Caster Stem Dimensions

Caster Stem Dimensions

Threaded Ladder Caster Stem

Threaded Ladder Caster Stem

Two Friction Ring Caster Stem

Two Friction Ring Caster Stem

Threaded Caster Stem

Threaded Caster Stem

Square Caster Stem

Square Caster Stem

Round Caster Stem

Round Caster Stem

Octagon Caster Stem

Octagon Caster Stem

Grip Neck Caster Stem

Grip Neck Caster Stem

Expanding Adapter Caster Stem

Expanding Adapter Caster Stem

Before you want to buy a caster or find a suitable caster to replace the one on the existing equipment, The correct measurement of dimensional parameters of the casters and wheels is an essential step. Please make sure you get all the correct information below show and go ahead with the next step.

Plate Caster How to Measure Caster Wheels and Casters

Plate Caster How to Measure Caster Wheels and Casters

Stem Caster How to Measure Caster Wheels and Casters

Stem Caster How to Measure Caster Wheels and Casters

Please check the below video to show you how to mount the plate casters to a table in 20 seconds!!!

Pls check the below video and learn how to mount the stem casters to equipment easily.

Before doing business with new casters manufacturers, factories, and suppliers in China, doing deep research about the company is a necessary job, but it will take a long time for it.
Now, we do this work for you here, you can find the best 10 casters manufacturer, factories, and suppliers in China in the below list.

CastersPro Co., Ltd.

CastersPro Co., Ltd. is a professional caster manufacturer, that specializes in designing and producing various casters. We are adopting the most advanced production technology of casters, and the quality of the casters we produced reached an industry-leading level. In order to effectively guarantee product quality, we are equipped with various testing facilities and make sure that our products are shipped based on quality management standards related to durability tests, salt spray tests, impact tests, and other tests.

  • Business Type: Casters Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 2000
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Main Products: Furniture Casters, Industrial Casters, Medical Casters, Chair Casters
  • Total Employees: 51 – 100 People
  • Main Markets: North America 10.00%, Western Europe 30.00%, Southeast Asia 10.00%

Zhongshan Dajin Castor Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Dajin Castor Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer which specialized in producing furniture casters and industrial casters. We have over 10 years of experience in independent research and development of product production. We have our own wheel injection, caster bracket stamping, and caster assembly workshops. Now we focus on the research of automatic production lines. Light-duty and medium-duty caster wheels are our main products. Concentration makes profession, profession makes excellence! We have exported our products to counties from all over the world and we believe we can grow up together with our clients in the future.

  • Business Type: Casters Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 2011
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Main Products: Industrial Caster, Furniture Caster, Medical Caster
  • Total Employees: 11 – 50 People
  • Main Markets: North America 50.00%, Domestic Market 30.00%, South America 6.00%

Lufeng Jiazi Huanan Furniture Accessory Factory Co., Ltd.

Located in Lufeng of Guangdong Province, HUANAN INT’L HARDWARE CO., LIMITED is a large-scale professional manufacturer of casters, hand trucks, furniture transporters, airport trolleys, airport chairs, queue barriers, and a series of logistics products, which integrates researching, developing, manufacturing, sale in whole.
Currently, HUANAN has owned production lines for punching, welding, bending, injection molding, electroplating, assembling, and testing. With the extensive application of automated equipment and molds, which produces over 50 containers every month. There are more than 20 kinds of airport trolleys.
These products have been used in more than 50 domestic airports and sold to South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia for more than 30 countries and areas. Our hand trucks and furniture transporters are extremely popular in both domestic and international markets.

  • Business Type: Casters Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Established Year: 1992
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Main Products: Furniture Hardware (Casters, Hinges, caster, Handle, Cabinet Accessory)
  • Total Employees: 11 – 50 People
  • Main Markets: Eastern Europe 20.00%, Africa 15.00%, South America 10.00%

Wenzhou Gubo Hardware Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Gubo Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional casters manufactory, that mainly specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing various casters. From the foundation in 2019, we actively develop and expand new products, and until now, we have developed more than 2000 different kinds of casters and wheels products. With continuous development, competitive price, and good quality, we have strong sales in more than 30 countries in- including the USA, Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East countries, etc.

  • Business Type: Casters Trading Company
  • Established Year: 2019
  • Location: Zhejiang, China
  • Main Products: Aluminum profile accessories, T slot nuts, t head bolts, corner bracket, leveling feet
  • Total Employees: 5 – 10 People
  • Main Markets: Africa 20.00%, Western Europe 10.00%, Central America 10.00%

Guangzhou Ylcaster Metal Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou ylcaster Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional caster manufacturer integrating R&D, production, and sales. Our company specializes in the production of light casters and casters, Diamond casters, medium casters, low center of gravity casters, and heavy casters. Our company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, a complete production management system, and testing procedures. Our products are widely used in furniture, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, display shelves, craft products, hardware products, etc., and win the recognition of our customers with stable quality and excellent service.

  • Business Type: Casters Multispecialty supplier
  • Established Year: 2017
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Main Products: Caster Wheel, Castor Wheel, Trolley, Pallet Wheel, Industrial Caster
  • Total Employees: 11 – 50 People
  • Main Markets: Central America 33.00%, South America 14.00%, Western Europe 8.00%

Foshan Shunde Goldmine Fittings Co., Ltd.

Established in Feb of 2006, Foshan Shunde Goldmine Plastic & Metal Products Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of plastic and metal furniture fittings.
There are two kinds of casters in our factory, one is furniture caster which can be used as furniture accessories, such as chair caster wheel and the other is an industrial caster, it is widely used in various industries, including medical casters wheel, supermarket shopping trolly casters and elevator caster wheel.
And the specific details are as below:
1. caster wheel, furniture caster, industrial caster.
2. adjustable legs/leveling foot.
3. plastic handles and knobs for cabinets.
4. cabinet brackets/hangers.

  • Business Type: Casters Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 2006
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Main Products: Caster Wheel, Adjustable Leg Leveler, Cabinet Hanger, Furniture Leg, Plastic Handle
  • Total Employees: 51 – 100 People
  • Main Markets: Western Europe 40.00%, North America 20.00%, Domestic Market 20.00%

Qingdao Zhurui Industry & Trading Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Zhurui Industry & Trading CO., LTD., brief introduction as below:
1. Founded in 2011, now it owns the brand ZR.
2. Specializing in producing caster wheels, leveling feet/machine foot/adjust foot, tool cart/cabinet, and trolleys.
3. 20+ years of industry experience, 30+ series, and 1000+ kinds of products.
4. Supporting small batch & customized orders, providing excellent one-stop service before and after-sales.
5. Products are best-selling well both at home and abroad, mainly exported to North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, etc.

  • Business Type: Casters Trading Company
  • Established Year: 2011
  • Location: Shandong, China
  • Main Products: Leveling Feet/Foot/Leveling Mount, Caster Wheels/Castor Wheels
  • Total Employees: 11 – 50 People
  • Main Markets: Domestic Market 50.00%, North America 25.00%, Southeast Asia 5.00%

Foshan Changcun Casters Co., Ltd.

Foshan Changcun Casters Co., Ltd was built in 2015, located in Foshan city, which is a fast developing factory in the caster wheels area. we are a professional manufacturer of caster wheels and focus on this area for many years. We are willing to provide professional customer service, to know their needs, and recommend which kind of caster wheels they actually need. Different kinds of heavy-duty casters are our main products, a wide range of usage and long-lasting quality are what we promise to do.

  • Business Type: Casters Multispecialty supplier
  • Established Year: 2015
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Main Products: Furniture Casters, Industrial Casters, Medical Casters, Chair Casters
  • Total Employees: 11 – 50 People
  • Main Markets: Domestic Market 38.00%, North America 15.00%, Western Europe 10.00%

Guangzhou Weihang Caster Co., Ltd.

Found in 2016. Guangzhou WeiHang Castor Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou Panyu. WeiHang is a professional manufacturer of industrial Medium duty casters, Heavy Duty Caster, Furniture Casters.304 stainless steel casters, Anti-static castor, Conductive castor, Super heavy casters, Spring shock-absorbing casters, and High-temperature resistant casters.

  • Business Type: Casters Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 2016
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Main Products: Casters, caster wheels, castors, wheel caster, wheel
  • Total Employees: 101 – 200 People
  • Main Markets: Domestic Market 85.00%, South Asia 2.00%, Southeast Asia 2.00%

Wuxi Siyu Chi Made Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuxi SiYu Chi Made Technology Co., Ltd is a professional caster manufacturer, that specializes in designing and producing various casters. With over tens of years of experience, we have become a one-stop source for all your custom Wheels needs. No matter what your need is, if it’s a wheel, we can help. Since 2008, SiYu starts providing services of caster design, prototype making, mold design, etc. From the simplest to the most technical of parts, we can assist you in your product design. Furthermore, our extensive experience in Materials (Nylon, ABS, HDPE, PVC, PET, Polycarbonate, etc.), enable us to assist you in making the ideal choice for your caster wheels.

  • Business Type: Casters Manufacturer Trading Company
  • Established Year: 2017
  • Location: Jiangsu, China
  • Main Products: Caster Wheels, Furniture wheels, Industries wheel, medical wheel, casters
  • Total Employees: 11 – 50 People
  • Main Markets: North America 45.00%, Western Europe 10.00%, Oceania 10.00%